Struggling with chronic pain / illness; physically and / or mentally emotionally?

Feeling consumed by your relentless efforts to heal and recover?

Feeling alone, lost, frustrated, exhausted, overwhelmed, anxious, depressed, desperate, hopeless?

Feeling you are missing out on living, loving, and life; lost moments, hours, days, months, years?


YOU could take your life back; breath, body, mind, energy, and soul?

YOU could reclaim your truth, intuition, voice, and personal power?

ALL that you needed was within you for reclamation of your whole health?

YOU knew how to access this buried treasure within!

If you seek to amplify your healing and recovery, then DECIDE TODAY IS THE DAY!

"Julie's 3 Pillars of Pain-Free Living provides me with a trusted foundation to which I may return when my pain is knocking at the door. Reminding me to slow down, to go inward, to observe and connect to my experience, without judgement, to "love myself through" (as Julie so often says), and then to use the tools I have learned to steadily shift my experience from pain to peace." - Reclaimed Participant



If the above resonates with you, if you seek to amplify your healing and recovery, then I invite you to book a FREE 1 Hour FREE Coaching Call with me, right now. Take your breath back. Take your body back. Take your heart back. Take your mind back. Take your energy back. Take your soul back. Take your life back. LET'S JOURNEY TOGETHER.

"Been doing some journaling today and find myself immersed in such wonder and awe... having such recognition of the subtle and not so subtle shifts happening in me... feeling light seeping into some of the dark places... absolutely on my knees in gratitude for your ability to make me feel safe enough to risk the bringing forth. I am celebrating us! Hard!!" - Reclaimed Participant

Are You Ready to Take Your Life Back?

Your solution to mind, body, soul reclamation.

An Immersive Experience in Healing

During our time together, we are going to focus on your deep healing and recovery, because sustainable transformation takes time.

We are going to OPTIMIZE your capacity for Whole Health Healing & Life Reclamation!


Making Your Whole Health Your First Priority

You will learn how to make your mornings count, how to capture time and space, and become besties with your nervous system.

Diving Into Your Doshas - Lifestyle Hack

You will gain clarity as to how to balance your Ayurvedic Doshas for optimal, whole health and vitality.

Why Your Breath is the Bomb! 

You will be empowered with several pranayama-breathing techniques for present moment, whole health management.

EmPOWERed Alignment 

You will be empowered with foundational principles of alignment to ensure both a safe movement practice, and one of longevity.

Kind Movement Practices

You will learn to move kindly, compassionately, patiently, and lovingly in your body, through a variety of proven practices and techniques.

Rocking Your Chakras

You will gain clarity as to how to balance your Chakras, your energetic blueprint for optimal, whole health and vitality.

Magical Mindfulness

Through the power of mindfulness and meditation practices, you will learn to trust your intuitive capacity (even more!), to manifest the magical life you both envision and deserve, and to graciously surrender those things that do not serve you.

Gratitude Immersion

You will become a Gratitude Mindset Expert by immersing yourself in the transformative 3 A’s of Gratitude Practice; fueling your capacity to consistently meet the ups and downs of life with grace, resilience, and equanimity.

Decide today is the day.

Feel-good living is your birthright. Be resolute in its pursuit. You are worth it, and the world needs your magic.

Client Reflections

Pain Management & Relief


YOGA WITH JULIE is wonderful. Julie has a gift for succinctly guiding you into a posture, creating a strong foundation from which you may explore your body. She sequences postures so they flow naturally and with ease, building upon each other. Yoga with Julie is a first for me where my lower back does not hurt and my hip pain is relieved. Not only do I leave our sessions feeling lighter and more relaxed in my body and mind, I sleep better too; no more hip pain, no more tossing and turning! I am very grateful for Julie’s beautiful presence and gifts.

Depression & Anxiety


JULIE TAUGHT ME so much that a class could not, the proper pose alignment, of course, but her acceptance and kindness was so absolutely comforting. She helped me see that taking care of and loving myself was instrumental in my happiness, as well as my family's. Today I practice with love and the realization that I am worth the time and effort. My depression and anxiety rarely rears it's ugly head, but when it does my mat isn't far away. I cannot thank Julie enough for the impact she has had upon my life.

Kind Movement


JULIE RADIATES a joyful dedication and love for what she does. My personal understanding of a balanced yoga practice involves acknowledging that 'yoga' is far more than just a physical endeavor, and is rather a composite of interrelated physical, psycho-emotional, and spiritual components. I have found that it is only teachers, such as Julie, whose dispositions and energetic qualities are inherently respectful of this greater complexity, who are best able to empower their students with a true sense of safety, comfort, confidence, inspiration, and transformation upon their mats. Julie is an incredibly special yoga teacher.

It's Time

To get in the driver's seat of your pain experience and set yourself free.

This is the solution you have been seeking. Schedule your FREE Coaching Call, today, and empower yourself with the tools for whole health healing and life reclamation. YOU ARE WORTH IT. I cannot wait to share time and conversation with you!