Take Your Life Back - FREE INTENSIVE (ZOOM)

SCHEDULE: Wednesday May 18th & Thursday May 19th, 1:30 - 3:30 pm EST

This is the safe, sacred home to the Take Your Life Back - 2 Day INTENSIVE

You have chosen to be here if you...

  • Are struggling with chronic pain / illness; physically and / or mentally emotionally
  • Are feeling consumed by your relentless efforts to heal and recover.
  • Are feeling alone, lost, frustrated, exhausted, overwhelmed, anxious depressed, desperate, hopeless.
  • Feel like you are missing out on living, loving, and life; lost moments, hours, days, months, years.


  • Authentic Awareness: the practice of going gently inward, NOTICING; to kindly, authentically, explore and observe breath, body, mind, energy, and soul; to gather insights, to graciously attend to sensation and experience, NO JUDGEMENT
  • Compassionate Connection: the practice of intentional connection to sensation, vibration, intuition, emotion, energy; learning to sit in the experience, compassionately nudging the edges of unease, resistance, discomfort, pain
  • Aligned Action: through daily, deeper awareness and connection, empowering mindful, purposeful action; breathwork (pranayama), movement, intention, mindfulness and meditation practices; compelling yourself toward your optimal state of being, in any given moment, meeting the ups and downs of life with grace, equanimity, and capacity.

A SPECIAL OPPORTUNITY to work with me further will be offered up during the Intensive for those who are truly ready to kick pain to the curb and live with capacity!

Trust your gut.




This is YOU taking mindful, purposeful, empowered action towards reclaiming your life; breath, body, mind, energy, and soul.

The Time is Now

LIVE PAIN-FREE. TAKE YOUR LIFE BACK. Register and receive my complimentary, downloadable Ground & Flow Meditation.